Prof Venter is currently a lecturer in the Department of Business Management at the Nelson Mandela University, the same position she held for seven years at the University of Stellenbosch.  She is also the Director of the Nelson Mandela University Family Business Unit, the first and only research unit of its kind in Africa. The unit takes a strategic, growth-oriented approach to working with family businesses and their stakeholders, and strives to assist business families in creating an ongoing legacy of entrepreneurship. The FBU works closely with leading scholars and family businesses to provide excellence in family business research and teaching, and to be a valuable resource for family business owners, advisors to family businesses, researchers, and policy-makers interested in the field.  The FBU is the only African affiliate of the global Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) project. The project involves rigorous qualitative and quantitative research, and an active dissemination of evidence based knowledge through summits with families and publications.

Her work and research on managing family businesses in general and succession in particular has been recognised locally and internationally through her publishing in accredited journals, writings in popular media, her speaking at conferences, on radio and television, as well her books, chapters in books and reports relating to family businesses.  Prof Venter is also lecturing and researching Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.  She has already published in numerous national and international accredited journals, including Family Business Review and International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Prof Venter has also attended more than 90 national and international academic conferences and was the co-author five times of academic papers that won the Best Paper Award. She serves on the editorial boards of several national and international academic journal, including the high-impact factor journal Family Business Review.  She is the author or co-author of seven books and the author of numerous chapters in books.  She has supervised more than sixty honours, masters and doctoral students.

She was also the recipient of the Renaissance Postgraduate Scholarship to promote equity, diversity and excellence in the ranks of academic staff from 2000-2002.  She won the prestigious Best Dissertation Award from the Family Firm Institute (Boston, USA) in 2003 based on her dissertation titled “Succession in small and medium-sized family businesses in South Africa”.  She was the Emerging Researcher of the year of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences in 2007 and the Faculty’s Researcher of the Year in 2010 and 2015.  She got the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2003 from the old UPE.  Prof E Venter won the the Nelson Mandela Excellence in Engagement Individual Award for 2017 and also receive a National Research Foundation rating (C1) in 2018.

She has also published more than 90 articles in non-academic journals, magazines and newspapers such as Landbouweekblad, Farmers Weekly, Dairy Mail, Sunday Times and Die Burger on topics ranging from small business management, succession in family businesses and the role of women in family businesses. Prof Venter has also been invited more than twelve times over the years to lecture Entrepreneurship and Marketing Communications Management in Germany and the Netherlands.  She is a member of the Family Firm Institute based in Boston, USA, a representative on the Faculty RTI Committee of the Nelson Mandela University, to name but a few.

Prof Venter is also a consultant to family businesses all over South Africa and has a passion for families and to see them flourish and grow in their businesses and families.  Her passion is people and to make a difference in people’s and her students’ lives.  Elmarie is married to Johan and has children, Juané (19) and Eric (16).  Elmarie loves to participate in sports and has been participating in triathlons since 2010.  She completed three Ironman Triathlons up to date.

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Prof Elmarie Venter
Professor in Business Management
Tel: 041 504 2204

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