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Family Business Unit


On Thursday evening, 12 June 2014, The School of Management Sciences Family Business Unit in collaboration with the Regional Innovation Forum, Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber and NMMU Business School hosted an interactive event on:  “How to create Entrepreneurial Success in a Volatile Environment: A New Approach.”

Professor Saras Sarasvathy, a world-renowned researcher from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia spoke on the process of Effectuation.

Effectuation is a rigorous framework for understanding how entrepreneurs starting with few resources can nonetheless create enduring ventures with high economic and social impact. Her award-winning research is explained in Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise.

During her evening interactive event, she wowed entrepreneurs and academics alike with her expertise as she spoke on Effectuation and involved the audience by asking thought provoking questions.

She was also part of a panel discussion after her talk together with Professor Elmarie Venter (NMMU), Dr Stanley van der Heever (Entrepreneur), Johan Ferreira (Eveready) and Brian van Niekerk (Rhino Group). 

ABOVE (back): Brian van Niekerk (Rhino Group),  Johan Ferreira (Eveready), Prof Miemie Struwig (NMMU), Dr Retha Scheepers (Australia), and Dr Stanley van der Heever. (Front): Wendy McCallum (Regional Innovation Forum), Prof Saras Sarasvathy (USA) and Prof Elmarie Venter (NMMU)

ABOVE (back): Prof Miemie Struwig and Jaci Barnett. (Front): Prof Elmarie Venter, Prof Saras Sarasvathy and Prof Niekie Dorfling